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"Editor World gives me peace of mind that my work is clear to the reader by being a second pair of eyes. This also saves time and generates great feedback from the reader." -Jason, Atlanta, Georgia


"As a doctoral student, there are many chances to submit papers. Through Editor World's professional editing services, I saved a lot of time in editing which increased my paper acceptance rates." -Rick, Kansas City, Missouri


"I've used Editor World many times and it has become an indispensable resource. The editors are friendly people who pay attention to the logic of what you're saying."  -Doraemon, Birmingham, United Kingdom


"As always, you helped me so much with editing my paper!" - Lukas, Germany


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Editor World is a US-based proofreading and editing services marketplace. Editor World provides a place for people writing documents in English to find their own personal editor and have their work edited within a specific time period. All editors are native English speakers with extensive editing experience. Clients choose a professional editor based on the editor’s profile, such as qualifications, skills, number of pages edited through Editor World, and previous client ratings. Writers, particularly academic writers, need quality editing services but do not know of a convenient, reliable place to find them. Editor World responds to this need by providing fast, affordable proofreading and editing services without sacrificing quality. Editor World also focuses on providing exceptional customer service for its clients.


An American proofreading and editing services company, the headquarters for Editor World LLC are located in Newport News, Virginia. Our editing team includes university faculty, professional editors, published authors, and retired professionals who love words more than anything else. Our professional editors are native English speakers located in the United States, Canada, and the United Kingdom, and are tested on their editing skills before being accepted to provide editing services through Editor World. Choose your own professional editor to improve your manuscript based on their qualifications, expertise, skills, and ratings/reviews, benefiting from our strict deadlines and affordable prices. Simply register as a client, choose an editor, and submit your document for editing services now!


Editor World was founded in 2010 to connect individuals, businesses, and organizations with professional editors and proofreaders. Great ideas can be dismissed if the writing isn't clear, professional, and free of errors. Editor World provides individuals, businesses, and other organizations with fast, reliable proofreading and editing services.

Editing Process

Our professional editors will improve the clarity and readability of your paper, focusing on the flow of the paper as well as grammar, word usage, spelling, punctuation, consistency, and style. Every editor is a native English speaker from the USA, UK, or Canada. Please provide specific instructions for the editor when you submit your document so we can best meet your proofreading and editing needs. We're here to help you!

Professional Editors

Our expert editing team loves words more than anything else, are native English speakers, and have passed a stringent proofreading and editing skills test. Choose your editor from our on-demand editing team based on their background and qualifications, and benefit from Editor World's reliable editing, fast turnaround, and affordable prices.

Editing Services

Students, faculty, book authors, non-native English speakers, and other professionals benefit from the use of a professional editor to help improve written documents. At Editor World, we work behind the scenes to perfect your essay, research paper, thesis, dissertation, manuscript, book, or journal article. Our quality proofreading and editing services by native English editors help you excel!