• Where Can I Find Professional Proofreading Services Online?


    Professional proofreading services refer to the final revisions made to a written document before publication or sharing with the intended audience. When a professional editor copy edits a document, many revisions are made but a few minor details can be missed, such as an extra space between words, a typo, or a letter that needs to be capitalized. It is unreasonable to expect an editor to catch every issue in your document in one round of editing. This is why the final stage of editing, or proofreading, is important: to find the final errors in the document and fix them. A professional proofreading service will make the spacing between sentences consistent, eliminate typos, and resolve other remaining issues.


    Many professional proofreading services are available online, and you should consider your proofreading needs, preferences, and budget when choosing one. A professional proofreading services company’s quality and reputation can vary, and it is important to conduct research on the professional proofreading services company before paying for anything. Factors to consider are reviews and ratings of the professional proofreading services company, how long they have been offering proofreading services, and the price charged for proofreading services. In addition to a company’s on-site reviews and ratings, you should look for previous client feedback on third-party websites, such as the Better Business Bureau, Google, TrustPilot, and Facebook. You should also verify the skills and experience of the proofreaders providing services through the professional proofreading services company.


    In addition to checking a professional proofreading services company’s reviews and ratings, length of time in service, and price, you should have a clear understanding of the company’s practices and policies before submitting your document. Is the price listed for one round of proofreading, or does it include a round of editing and proofreading? Does the price vary by turnaround or editor credentials? Can you communicate with your proofreader, and can the proofreader ask you questions as they proofread your document? You also want to know how you pay for professional proofreading services and whether you pay 100% up front or if you pay certain portions of the total cost throughout the process.


    When submitting your document to a professional proofreading service, it is likely that the Track Changes tool will be used. The Track Changes tool  is available in word processing programs like Word and Google Docs and shows the writer what revisions were made by the proofreader, and the writer can then accept or decline each of those revisions individually, or accept or decline all revisions at once. It is important for writers to understand how to use Track Changes to accept or reject the editor’s revisions and review and delete comments. Even established authors have their work edited and proofread by a professional.


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