• How Do I Create a Journal Manuscript Submission Title Page?


    Most journals require authors to include a title page with their submission. A journal manuscript submission title page is the first page of your article, even though it’ll mostly likely be the last thing you write. It’s a very important element of your manuscript because it introduces your reader to your work and is the first thing your reader will see. Therefore, it is important that your journal manuscript submission title page is clear, error-free, and formatted properly.


    Journal manuscript submission title pages contain similar elements, such as article title, author name, institution, key words, and/or article abstract. Additionally, the information on a journal manuscript submission title page is traditionally centered and double-spaced, but this can change from journal to journal and is also based on the citation style you use. For instance, an APA journal manuscript submission title page uses Times New Roman font, size 12. Since every journal is different, you should take care to follow the journal’s guidelines about what information to include on your journal manuscript submission title page and how to format it. You will find this information on the journal’s website, often on the Instructions to Authors page.


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